To my Dad, who always encouraged me to be the very best I could be at everything I pursued.  He was a man ahead of his time; he never believed that being a woman meant that you were limited.  He encouraged my mother and I both to become CPA's.  For my mother, especially, that was in a time when it was a man's profession. I learned many things from him in my life; things that most "girls" were never allowed to try.  I climbed roofs, traveled, built, hunted and fished with him in my childhood and he taught me all about rocks and minerals,  how to choose cut and cab and to melt glass as an adult.  But most of all he taught me integrity and to always strive to do the best I could.  He had so much knowledge and loved to share it with whoever would listen.  He loved his time at the local Jr. High School Science class where he shared our lampworking art with the 7th graders.  They were allowed, under close supervision, to make a bead and string it on a cord.  So many people didn't take advantage of what he had to give and now that wealth of knowledge is silent.

Goodbye Dad, we miss you.
BILL HILL         1931 - 2007