The beginning of the adventure...a layover at the Denver airport.  Chris takes a little nap.Chris and I are standing on a dock right outside our apartment on the island of Murano.This is a shot of the entrance to Lucio's studio.  It's the door in front of the dock with the red boat.  We went through an iron gate and down a small street to get to his place.Each day Lucio took us to his favorite restaurant for lunch.  The owners have this dog, Jamaica.  She was beautiful and very well trained.  She stayed outside the restaurant unless they called her in to eat.  Here she is watching the cat who is watching the birds.Lucio puts the final touches on the "Archer".  This piece now resides in my personal collection."THE ARCHER" completedA table full of our favorite things, beads and food.  The potluck and bead exchange for our groupMore of the bead party.  This is the living room of Ofilia's apartment in Murano.This isn't a very good picture, but I've included it anyway as it really shows how small and delicate Lucio's work is.This Cesare Tofolo in his studio on the island of Murano.  We were lucky enough to be able to have a demo.  He isn't always this accomodating.Cesare Tofolo  demonstrating blowing one of his beautiful pieces. The previous picture was of Cesare blowing a glass piece.  That is the technique he uses to make these pieces.This is Chris with Roberto Dona.  The Dona's make the Rolls Royce of glass working tools. His shop is really tiny in the front selling area.  What you see in this picture is pretty much the selling area.  His workshop is in the back.Chris working on a black and ivory stand.  This is in Lucio's studio.  We each had our own workstation and we spent each day at the same station.  It is shaped in a big square with the kilns in the center.Another shot of the stand Chris is working on.We were able to spend an afternoon in the studio of Davide Salvadore.Davide putting finishing touches on the piece.  After it's annealed it will be cold worked to put thousands of tiny cuts into the glass to give it texture.Davide and Ofilia, plotting something I'm sure!View of the Doges Palace from inside the courtyard.More of the Doge's palace.The ceiling of one of the interior rooms in the Doge's palace.This is the floor of one of the rooms in the Doge's palace.  It was very strange illusion.Ofilia and Chris during one of our trips to Venice.A new friend, Elana.  She lives west of Florence near Siena.Gondolas on the Grand CanalThis was a gorgeous boat that we saw on the Grande Canal.  People don't have cars so their transportation, boats are like our cars.  Some are small and run down, most are like this one, beautifully kept.These are color pots that are stacked here and there at the Smalti factory.  These pots are in the furnace filled with molten glass.  The color you see in the pots is the residual color from previous runs of glassToward the end of our time in Murano we visited the Smalti factory over in Venice.  This is a shot of the color library.This is a freeform sculpture outside the office of the Smalti factory.  The form itself is made of foam covered in the very small smalti.One of the stores on the Ponte Vecchio had these gorgeous cameos.  This one is about 10 inches tall.The Ponte Vecchio view from the river.Ah yes, David.  In Florence we visited the museums and spent some time in the huge square.I'm usually taking the pictures.  Here's a rare pic of me goofing off in from of the fountain of Neptune.Here's Chris in front of one of the fountains in FlorenceThis is the mansion in Florence that we stayed in.  This picture is from across the river.We walked a LONG way to get to the mansion.  It was my fault....we took a wrong turn.  There's nothing like getting lost in a foreign city dragging our suitcases with us.  When we finally arrived there was this gate.  That's all, just this gate.  No reception area, no signs.
In April, 2008 my son Chris and I traveled to Italy to study with glass maestro Lucio Bubbaco.  A group of us from the US went with Ofilia Cinta as our guide and leader.  We spent 2 weeks on the island of Murano living in an apartment and walking to Lucio's studio for our classes.  We spent our non class time traveling to Venice and seeing the sights there. After leaving Murano Chris and I went on to travel through Italy visiting Florence, Tuscany and Cinque Terra.

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